Can you Play DS Games on Switch?

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Nintendo DS games are very common to play among both adults and kids. The famous DS games included Super Mario and Major Zelda etc. however, the question is, can you play DS games using a switch? It all depends on the switch model you have. The unpatched switch can play DS games, but if you have a patched switch, you cannot mode it to play your DS games. On the other side, many smart developers worked hard to enjoy DS games on the switch.

can you play nintendo dS games on switch?

Every time a new DS game is introduced in the market, new consoles come with it, so it becomes hard to hold back on your old DS games. No one wants to give up on their old DS games. Here we introduce some ways to play DS games on the switch. First of all, it is important to keep in mind that you are not stuck between new games and switch.

If you have DS games and Nintendo switch, we have some tips that you need. The answer isn’t straightforward to understand, but it covers the investigation to make you use your DS games on the switch.

can you play nintendo dS games on switch

There is no straightforward way to play DS games on Switch, so you need to combine Homebrew and an emulator.

Now the question is that what is Homebrew?

This is software designed by amateur developers and hobbyists to simplify the installation process of software on switch consoles and other systems. The DS emulator is the only way to play DS games on the Nintendo switch. You can easily install a DS emulator to play DS games on the switch using homebrew and firmware from here.

On the other side, you should be careful while installing DS emulator by using homebrew to avoid errors because these errors can affect the whole process of installation. So follow the guide to avoid errors during installation.

Another way to play DS games on switch is Custom Firmware (CFW). This program can increase the chances of running DS games on a Nintendo switch. The program helps modify the system’s framework and patch up the OS. However, the CFW is the best choice to play DS games on first-generation consoles, but sometimes it requires some extra tools to run smoothly.

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How can you MOD your Nintendo switch to play DS games?

Here is some additional information to mode you to play DS games more smoothly.

First of all, a MicroSD card can be helpful to work fine. You have to buy a larger memory card such as 64 GB. Secondly, you must have an unpatched switch that you can easily exploit. And it will make things easy to process.

Note: The best exploit is fuse-gelee, making your Nintendo switch backward compatible to play DS games. Another thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to play games if you have patched the Nintendo switch because the exploit won’t be vulnerable and fuse-glee.

Tips for identifying the vulnerable switch:

Here we identify some tips to determine vulnerable switches.

The switch’s serial number must appear on the list of “Potentially patched” so you can easily check whether the system is worthy or not. Check that the serial number of the switch must appear on “unpatched” serials to be vulnerable and fuse-gelee.


You can play DS games on Nintendo Switch, and it isn’t illegal. You have to mode the console before playing DS games. Keep in mind that most of the models are patched and cannot mode. So, you must have to buy an unpatched switch that you can easily mode.


Can we play 3D games on switch?

Yes, the unpatched switch can play DS games and 3DS games. But also have to follow the complete process to run your favorite games on the switch.

Can my TV play DS games?

Yes, playing DS games on TV is possible, but you have to utilize the TV adapter. Plus, you have to connect your 3DS directly to your TV.

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