How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop?

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If you are a gamer and love to play on big screens. And you are restricted to use them on TV Screens or laptops, because of fewer features on them. So, today I will explain to you step by step that how to connect Nintendo Switch to the laptop?

Nintendo Switch has been a game-changer for the company. The switch has hype and sold a record 55 million copies. It has made various games appreciate the handheld portable consoles, and many non-gamers start purchasing the portable machine for gaming.

The switch has the best screen for the mobile device, customizable wireless joysticks. It got an extensive game library, many exclusive AAA games, but one significant aspect behind the success was the Nintendo dock. NS is a great choice to carry around, take it to work, function, and have the best time on the go.

But at home, you can use the Dock to connect the switch to your monitor or TV and enjoy gaming on a larger screen. Many people might not have a monitor or TV for a bigger screen, and we have laptops. So, we can easily connect the Nintendo Switch to Laptop?

Can you connect a Nintendo Switch to Laptop?

We cannot directly Nintendo Switch to the laptop. However, the only way to connect the Nintendo Switch to another device is through the Dock. The Nintendo dock has an HDMI output port with HDMI cables’ help, and the switch is connected to monitors or TV.

Badly, the laptops or HDMI output port. This means both laptops and Dock can feed their screen/data to other devices that accept HDMI input, but they can’t take any input via HDMI.

Hence, it would help if you had something that can accept HDMI input and transform it into a USB output for connecting. Fortunately, we still connect Nintendo switch to PC or laptop with dear friends, game capture cards.

Things Required to connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

1- The Nintendo Switch

2- Best Laptop

3- Nintendo Dock

4- Game Capture Card

5- HDMI Cable

6- Software

1) Nintendo Switch Dock

nintendo dock

It comes packed with a console, and it’s the only way to connect and see the switch on other devices, be it TV or monitor. But in case you’ve broken yours or you wish to have various docks.

2) Game Capture Card

Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

The game capture card is made for streaming console gameplay via a Personal computer. It connects with both an input port, an output port, HDMI, and a USB port to transfer connectivity to the laptop’s operating system. For a smooth, lag-free experience, sound quality should be used.

Legato by corsair is pretty much dominating the market. The latest Elgato HD60 is a single selling capture card. It offers 1080P output at only 60 fps. With the USB-C 3.0 connectivity, it delivers a smooth and almost lag-free experience.

However, if your laptop doesn’t have a C port, you should opt for an older version. Perhaps the Elgato HD60, which uses almost similar technology except for superfast C-type output.

3) HDMI Cable

hdmi cable

The HDMI cable is required for this task. One comes within the capture card’s box and one with the switch. Both of these works find not excellent. But if you never have an HDMI cable with you. So be sure to stock.

4) Software

To work with the laptop and control the switch while docked, you’ll need the software to use the capture card. Download the software for free from the manufacture’s site.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop?

Step #1: Connect the Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo Dock. It’s simple and straightforward. You’ve to plug in the Dock cable to the switch type-C connector.

Step #2: If you’ve connected the Dock with a monitor or TV, unplug the HDMI cable from them.

Step #3: Connect the Nintendo Dock with the capture card using the HDMI cable and plug into the HDMI in the card’s port.

Step #4: Open the capture software on the laptop

Step #5: Turn on the Nintendo switch during the docked

Step #6: Pick the USB cable and connect it to the game capture card with a laptop. And within a few moments, you will find the Switch home screen displayed on your laptop.

Step #7: In the end, use the Joy-Con to control the switch. You can enter the full screen to enjoy the immersive big-screen experience or stream live. You can record your gameplay; enjoy the back recording feature, and you can also live commentary and chat.

Moreover, you can take benefit of a PC while gaming with the switch. That is like a two in one feature that offers multi-tasking at its best.

Is There Any Other Option to Connect?

Well, this is the only possible way to connect and use Nintendo Switch on a laptop directly. But the cost of the card alone is substantial. Most of the games are available in the Windows store, try them, if you want to play the switch games.

Emulators let you play the switch games on the laptop. But beware emulator is still far from stable. Thus, they show extreme lags and bugs to encounter. However, go for those options to have a peek at games. The HDMI capture devices are the best way to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop with type-C functionality. It provides almost a lag-free experience. Still, there remain few.

The data is transferred from the switch to Nintendo Dock, then to the device via HDMI, and then again converted to USB to transfer to the laptop. Its a long process, and thus a minimal log has to be faced. Though many games run smoothly, few are unplayable due to the minimal delay.



How do I connect a Switch to Windows 10?

To connect your Switch to Windows 10, you’ll need an Android or iOS device with the Nintendo Switch app installed.

Once the app is installed on the mobile device, open it and click “Add a Switch” in the top right corner of the screen. If desired, the Wii U Pro Controller can also be connected to your computer through Bluetooth, but its usage will not be limited to Windows 10.

To use the Pro Controller wirelessly, you’ll need to go through a setup process in which you sync it with your computer. To do this, press two buttons on the controller simultaneously (either + and – or HOME) until the indicator lights turn on. You can then find “Wii U” or “Pro Controller” when searching for Bluetooth devices on your computer.

Once the controller is connected to your PC via Bluetooth, a new option should pop up in the list of controllers under “Change PC Settings” called “Pro Controller Configuration.” From there, you can create button configurations that suit your needs. We recommend mapping four shoulder buttons to mimic those found on the Joy-Con controllers.


If you accept this and want to play switch games a lot at home on a bigger screen. Then it would help if you went for connecting the Nintendo Switch to the laptop. However, make sure to invest in a sound-quality game card. All the other steps are relatively straightforward, follow the guide, and you’ll be ready to experience it.

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