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How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger – Smart Hacks

Take a weekend getaway out of town. A friend’s wedding is in a distant city, or maybe it’s a beach trip with the family, or maybe your friends are going camping. You think to bring your laptop with you so you can watch movies, do some work, or play PC games in your downtime. Then, when you’re away from your home, you can still feel at home with a laptop.

Oops! You feel that you forgot to pack your laptop charger while unpacking in your hotel room (or worse, you leave it at the airport power outlet).

Unfortunately, it looks as though you will have to go without your laptop when you go on this trip since it only has a 10% charge left. So we’ll have to put off sending the boss that essential email.

However, wait! This is not the case. No matter what you think, you can charge your laptop without using a standard charger. Those who frequently travel with a laptop should learn how to do this as it is quite simple.

If you are without a laptop charger, you have a few options.

5 ways to charge a laptop without a charger

Laptops have internal batteries. You have to supply the battery with electricity to charge it. Electricity travels through the cable from our home outlet to our laptop, stored in the battery.
Many ways to transfer power to your laptop battery, but a laptop charger is arguably the most efficient.

The only thing you need is:

  • Electricity
  • Means of transferring power to the battery

However, When traveling, you may sometimes forget to take your laptop’s charger with you. If this is the case, one of the methods we will discuss today will be necessary to charge up your laptop and do the necessary work.

Maybe you wonder if charging your laptop without its original charger is safe? This will be covered as well, but let’s learn first how to charge it.

1. how to charge laptop with power bank?

how to charge laptop with power bank

In some cases, laptops with USB Type-C ports can charge up without an official charger, depending on the model of the laptop. Power banks are also used to charge your laptops, much like how you charge your smartphone if you didn’t have other options.

However, you will still have to purchase a power bank that has a high voltage output, as most power banks only have 5volts to offer. With its power output of approximately 20 volts, Anker’s PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD power bank is a great choice for charging up your laptop. (Note that there are some laptop models with USB Type-C that aren’t able to charge.

2. How to Charge Laptop in Car?

instead of using a power bank. It will be the best alternative if you can’t manage a power bank. You can power anything requiring up to 300 watts using an inverter like the BESTEK 300W Power Inverter.

May you not run power tools from this battery, but you can charge your laptop with it more than enough! This method has one drawback: you must leave the power inverter somewhere on your vehicle’s floor. Nevertheless, beginners love the fact that they can still take their computers indoors and outside.

3. how to charge laptop with uSB?

If you never have a power bank or cannot use your car battery to charge, you can use a USB Type-C adapter. The USB-C connector has been designed for high-power connectivity, unlike Type-A. As a result, more power can be conducted, and much faster speeds can be achieved.

In this case, you would need to plug in a USB Type-C adapter to charge your laptop as you would a power bank. A power bank would function as its power source instead. Despite being one of the safest methods to charge via USB-C, the adapter shuts down charging if it detects high heat or other problems.

4. Charge Your laptop Using Universal Power Adapter

Although it’s great to know there’s another way to charge your laptop battery, you might end up with a dead battery if you set the voltage too high. Many different brands are supported, and they usually come with interchangeable tips. In addition, several battery packs can be connected to the cigarette lighter in your car, making them truly portable.

5. Charge Your Laptop Using a Super Battery

A super battery is like a second or spare battery for your laptop. Their charging cables are different, and they replace the original battery in your laptop. Be sure you get the right size and fit for your laptop when purchasing one. If your laptop is not designed to work with these devices, it may not work. Due to its inefficiency, this method is only used in emergencies.

best laptop backpack to bring on-the-go

Try to carry your laptop backpack with you so you can complete tech-filled journeys while on the road. Below are some suggestions for how to fill it out.

  • Keeping your laptop inside is the most important thing. Putting the laptop sleeve in the backpack first will allow you to protect it from damage. The road can be rough at any time, so you should protect your laptop with any measures you can take. If you have sensitive or valuable work material or personal items on your laptop, as well as work projects or family photos, be sure to keep it secure. You don’t want to lose them.
  • Second, make sure the power bank is fully charged. If you don’t need to use it, try not to. Usually, you should only use it in an emergency if your laptop power cord goes out.
  • A third tip is to bring a travel adapter. While traveling internationally, you might find that an outlet won’t work with your laptop in another country. Using a travel adapter, you can plug into foreign outlets using interchangeable plugs. The ability to use your electronics well when you are abroad can help you keep safe and avoid getting stuck without transportation. So if you’re headed out of the country, make sure you pack one of these.
  • Last but not least, pack a USB port hub. While traveling with your laptop, a USB port hub is incredibly useful. Essentially, it gives your laptop a larger number of available USB ports. A USB hub usually has four to seven additional USB ports when you are away from your home office and away from the organized workspace.

Hubs with powered ports are different from hubs without powered ports. They’re great because they supply power to your connected devices (so that you don’t have to use your laptop for power).

In addition, using a powered hub to charge all your USB devices simultaneously will free up additional outlets and save you time when charging your USB devices. Some HP-powered hubs include SD card slots as well as USB-C ports. Check out this article for more information on USB ports.


It would help if you consciously made plans for when you will run out of power, but you must use your laptop since it is an investment in you. You will be able to escape a sticky situation using these methods. At least one method to charge your laptop without a charger that you will find appealing.

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