How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not

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Even though it’s a technical competency, the well-built innards make it so appealing. Of course, your laptop’s CPU, GPU, RAM, and SSD determine if it’s sound and ripping, but…

Laptop fans cool your computer’s internal workings. In much the same way a car’s radiator fan removes hot air from the engine, they remove heat from the motherboard and processor. A computer that overheats can malfunction and damage key components, requiring costly repairs. Therefore, you should test the fan of your laptop regularly since it’s simple and important.

I believe, however, that the most important part of the system is the fan. You can only push your machine to its limits if it is in good health and is functioning well. You can only gain full benefit from it then. So it is equally important to check, regularly, whether your laptop fan is working as it is to spend thousands repairing your laptop.

Why is it so important to care for your laptop fan?

How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not

Whatever heavy bucks you spend and whatever powerful laptop you buy, if you overtax it, either by putting too much stress on it or by expecting it to be your only companion forever, it will begin to fail. You will likely start experiencing overheating on your laptop after a month or two of use, if not now.

Is your laptop overheating? Do you know what it means?

It’s simply a failure to fulfill your craving; it’s a failure in every way. In addition, overheating from the malfunctioning fan can have many negative consequences, including the following.

  • Crashing and glitching frequently
  • Sudden and unusual shutdowns
  • Failed applications and other strange things

It’s also possible that hardware may damage, as there are many tiny components inside your machine incapable of standing a little extra heat, and so they will malfunction.

To Keep All These Harms from Occurring

You need to have a fine cooling system within your machine to prevent all these problems.
The fan keeps all the components cool and chilled through its ability to extract warmth from every corner of your machine. So, they can be pushed to their limits while remaining safe and sound, ultimately extending their lifespan.

In other words, it’s OK to keep an eye on the laptop’s technical condition at the time of purchase, but after that, all you need to do is keep an eye on how the laptop’s fans work to get the best return on your investment.

So, how can the laptop fan be checked to see if it is working or not? The answer is below, so let’s find out.

How to Check Your Laptop Fan is Working

There’s no question that the fan is fitted inside the chassis, i.e., it’s not visible from the outside unless you open the cover. Therefore, it’s not possible to determine whether it’s working or not. Even so, there are a few tips you can try, such as.

  • While in silence, you will hear the fan’s sound
  • By noticing how air flows through your vents.
  • By displaying hardware statistics (using different programs)

Let’s discover each one specifically.

1. Laptop Fan Sound

The fan generates a sound that can be heard on the laptop itself; similarly to other fans, it also constantly rotates, slowing down when the load is less and speeding up when the load increases, so it is evident that it must make a whirling sound.

In essence, method one is just a layman’s technique. This means simply bringing your ear closer to the laptop, and you’ll hear some noise (the fan, obviously).

I would not worry if such a sound doesn’t appear as soon as you turn your laptop on, because today’s systems have such sophisticated features. The fans in your laptop stay off while it is at rest and only start working once you start loading it.

Therefore, I suggest you do the following:

  • move your ear close enough to the bottom of your laptop to hear the fan.
  • You may need to force the fan to start by putting some load on your laptops, such as starting a heavy game or a high-resolution video. Thus, you will hear the fan whirling.

Know That

It is likely broken or clogged with filth if you hear a rough or jaggy sound from the fan. Get it tuned up by an auto mechanic or by yourself.

2. Use Software Programs

You can use software programs that show your computer’s hardware statistics. Software programs are widely available on the internet, both free and paid, that assume the role of full-fledged followers of your gadget. You can now get a complete overview of the performance of each component of your system, how well it serves its function, and the various system metrics.

In addition, some of these software programs allow you to determine how certain components should perform, for instance, controlling the fan speed either manually or automatically. So, finally, consider going for and trying these applications, which I equally suggest you do. Trust me, and you’d gain complete control over your system.

3. You can feel the air that blasting out through the vents

The air that blasts out through the vents of a laptop is not so powerful that it will wing up your hair, but you can still feel it. You can see very slight, yet some, movement in the exhaust vents if you place a thin piece of paper or maybe cloth in front of them.

Therefore, the second method involves placing something in front of the exhaust port on your laptop and observing the airflow. If you put your hands even with the exhaust points, you should feel the heat coming out.

4. Pay attention to the errors

There’s something wrong with your laptop if it keeps repeatedly restarting without your warning or consent. The heat sink cooling system is associated with the fan regardless of extinguishing air and working to some degree. It also shows there is a problem with the cooling system of your laptop.

Check Your Laptop Fan For Mac Laptops

When you want a clear picture of the health and performance of your Mac, you can try “iStat Menu.” Fanny is a free application for the Mac menu bar and notification center that lets you monitor your fan status.

For Windows Laptops

There are applications such as SpeedFan, HWiNFO, Argus Monitor, Real Temp, Wise System Monitor, etc. All these and plenty more are available on the internet for use by Windows users.

SpeedFan and RealTemp are two of the most popular and well-liked applications among all of them. In addition to receiving stats about your system’s components, you will also be able to control them if you have them on your system.

It would be easy to set the fan speed of your laptop to suit your tasks, also an eye on its temperature. Temperatures of over 70°C are considered just concerning, but temperatures above 80°C mean shutting down the processor.

Additionally, you can keep an eye on any other sensors or similar features manually installed on your device via these apps. You should now stay increasingly aware of your laptop, install these useful apps, and make use of it as much as you can.


That’s it! That is how you can test the laptop fan to see if it works or not!

What are the reasons why it’s so important to take care of your laptop’s fan? This component, which is far more important than a powerful processor, enormous memory, or other key specs, is regarded as a critical component of the system. Why?

We’ve covered every aspect regarding the importance of a fan in prolonging the life of your machine, from discussing all these sorts of questions to discussing what benefits a hale and hearty fan can give you. You must read this blog if you are an avid gamer or top-notch video editor or if you need a super-powerful laptop all the time. Take a look at the reasons.

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