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How To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop?

What is the process of resetting a Samsung laptop? Are you confused? Please contact us for more information. If your laptop is lagging, you should reset it. A Samsung laptop is easy to use, and the resetting procedure is not complex. Performing the task on your own is possible.

You have to lose your data by resetting the laptop, ensuring that all your data is saved and secure before you perform the resetting. Keeping all your data and files on the primary drive will wipe them all out, so it is better to collect them in advance. Three methods will work for you before starting on the broad approaches to factory resetting your Samsung laptop. Take a look at these methods before moving on to more complex settings.


Here are two methods for resetting Samsung laptops that are easy to perform and are the best choice.

Method No 1


Step#1: Start your Samsung laptop by pressing and holding the Esc key for one minute.

Pro tip: Press the Esc key until the system restore screen appears on the Samsung laptop.

Step#2: The second step is to run Samsung Recovery Solution. Alternatively, click on the Menu button. A Samsung Recovery Solution is a system restore program used for Samsung password recovery.

Editor’s Note: The Samsung Recovery Solution is a system restore program provided by Samsung)

Step#3: You can restore the factory settings of your Samsung by pressing the F11 key.

Method No 2


With just a button, you can perform a factory reset on your Samsung laptop. Press the F4 or F7 buttons at the same time while turning on your Samsung laptop. A system restore program will be automatically run on the laptop. You can access the Samsung laptop without a password once the program runs over and restarts it.

Although all these are the easiest ways to reset Samsung laptops, the data will not be saved on the drive. It must be saved in a separate file. There is nothing more simple than resetting a Samsung laptop. You have easy access to the reset process with the shortcut keys.

A CD can be used to reset the Samsung computer:

Step#1: Prepare a Windows CD.

Step#2: Install the CD-ROM in the system and turn the laptop off.

Step#3: Start the laptop and press the F8 key repeatedly until it displays the boot menu. (Note: the boot menu key for reboot may vary from brand to brand).

Step#4: Choose the option to boot from the CD.

Step#5: On the screen, you will now see various commands that can be used to achieve different results. To install Windows, choose “Press Enter.”

Step#6: A new page will appear, showing different messages about Windows installation. Removing and formatting the partitions will result in a problem. Instead, eliminate old barriers by selecting and deleting them.

Step#7: Create new partitions, select “Un-parted space” using the arrow keys, and press “C” to proceed.

Step#8: Choose the primary partition for Windows, which will be one of your new partitions. As a file system, select NTFS. Secure and fast, NTFS is a popular file system.

Step#9: The process is lengthy, but once it has been completed, follow the onscreen instructions.

How to Factory Reset SAMSUNG Laptop in windows 8/8.1?

How to Factory Reset SAMSUNG Laptop in windows 88.1

Follow these steps to factory reset the Samsung laptop in Windows 8:

Step#1: Click on Settings

Step#2: On the left side of the screen, you will see the option to change the settings.

Step#3: Click Update and Recovery in the left sidebar of the PC Settings window to open it.

Step#4: On the left side of the page, click on Recovery.

Step#5: Choose Remove Everything with Reinstall Windows from the three options on the right, and then click on ‘Get Started’.

Step#6: Click on Next to open a new window.

Step#7: Click on the ‘Remove my files’ button in this step. This will trigger a hard reset of the entire hard drive.

Step#8: You’ll be asked to restart your computer on another screen.

You will be prompted to choose ‘Reset’ to begin the process.

How to Factory Reset SAMSUNG Laptop in windows 10?

Resetting the laptop in Windows 10 is straightforward, although it differs from other versions of Windows.

  • Connect your laptop to its charger.
  • Turn your laptop on and begin the procedure by following the steps below. First, make sure that your crucial data has been saved on an external drive.

Step#1: Open Settings by clicking the Start button.

Step#2: Select Update & Security.

Step#3: Select Recovery from the left sidebar.

Step#4: Click on Reset this PC and proceed to the next step.

Step#5: You’ll see a screen with two choices:

  • Keep my files
  • Remove Everything

Click on Remove Everything

Step#6: Another dialog box will pop up with two options:

  • Remove files
  • Remove Everything Click on Remove Everything.

The other option will erase your entire hard drive and every partition on it. For example, click on remove my files to format your C drive, while the delete my files option will delete everything on your hard drive.

Step#7: If you upgrade from Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 S Mode to Windows 10, you will be presented with a warning message, click on ‘Next’.

Step#8: Once again, you will see the screen for final confirmation that you want to reset the laptop. Click on “Reset”.

You may need to wait for the process to complete and restart the computer once it’s been reset. After that, the laptop should work like a new one.

It is pretty easy to reset the Samsung laptops, and they are great. If your Samsung laptop needs to be rebooted, all the methods above will work. There are no difficulties with following the step-by-step instructions. All techniques are easy to perform.

A laptop should be reset occasionally, as some unnecessary files need to be removed. hopefully, now you understand how to reset your Samsung laptop


You can reset your Samsung laptop using all the above methods. We hope our blog will help you a lot. For further problems, you should try downloading the Samsung recovery solution or visiting the Samsung website.

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