How To Use Wireless Mouse Without Receiver?

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You may have lost your nano receiver and are asking this question. Perhaps there’s another reason, whichever it is, we’ll find out today if you can reconnect to your laptop without an external wireless dongle? It depends. How come? Due to the various number of companies that design wireless mice and keyboards.

If the mouse works both ways, you should check the type of connectivity: Bluetooth, RF (Radio Frequency), WiFi. A mouse that works with Bluetooth, RF, and WiFi alone and does not require a dongle, for example. Also, if your Logitech mouse has a unifying signature, then it is! For it to reconnect, you need to purchase another Unifying Receiver.

perfect way to connect a wireless mouse

Without Bluetooth, how to use a wireless mouse?

  • The USB receiver of the wireless mouse should be purchased.
  • Your desktop computer or laptop should have a USB port available for installing a wireless mouse receiver.
  • Log in to Windows as an administrator.
  • A CD that comes with the mouse includes the necessary drivers to enable the mouse to function correctly.

Can we use a different receiver for a wireless mouse?

How To Use Wireless Mouse Without Receiver

With a replacement receiver of the SAME type only, all Logitech wireless mice can be reprogrammed. However, unlike the Unifying receiver, which can connect up to six devices, all other Logitech receivers can only support two for combos and only one for the Lightspeed receiver (due to the rapid rate) Logitech Gaming mice and keyboards.

Does a wireless mouse work without a USB cable?

Bluetooth mice do not require a USB dongle to be used. Unless your device has Bluetooth, you must plug in the dongle. Manufacturers usually provide extra dongles if their customers don’t have a Bluetooth connection on their devices.

Is a receiver required for every wireless mouse?

The wireless mouse connects to a laptop or computer via a USB receiver that picks up signals from a wireless mouse and converts them to a USB signal that the computer can read. The basic functionality of a mouse can be accessed immediately after a USB connection is established.

Lost USB dongle for wireless mouse & Keyboard

If your keyboard and mouse are Bluetooth, then any Bluetooth dongle should work. Check out the Logitech Unifying Receiver USB Dongle, which is cheaper. To connect six keyboards and mice with a unifying keyboard or mouse, you will need the unifying dongle, Logitech unifying software. Yes, it can be replaced.

Windows 10 installation procedure

Make sure that the laptop and wireless mouse are connected as soon as possible. Using this arrangement, communication is established via the Bluetooth radio of the wireless mouse since it relies on the transmitter integrated into the board.

Several changes have been made in the technology of computers recently, including the Bluetooth function, which is readily found on tablets and laptops but not on most desktop computers. Your system must have a Bluetooth adapter if it lacks a Bluetooth feature in its control panel or devices and printers.

Here are the steps to connect Windows 10 to the wireless mouse.

  • Start by navigating to the “settings” section of your computer. You’ll find ” Devices” under Settings. Choose “Devices”. You can shortcut this by pressing “Win+1”.
  • You will find many features on the left side of the menu. For example, look for devices that support Bluetooth. Then, go ahead and select it.
  • Select “Add Bluetooth or other devices” by clicking the plus (+) sign next to it on the right side of the page.
  • You will see a pop-up window. Click “Bluetooth” to browse through it.
  • You will be prompted to insert any device, and you will need to follow the prompts to complete the process.
  • The device will be paired once you accept the pairing.
  • Each manufacturer follows a different process in this process.
  • Make sure you read the quick-start instructions that came along with the device.
  • Windows will establish a connection and install the needed drivers for the wireless mouse.
  • A computer connected to a TV without HDMI is even simpler, straightforward, and easier to do.

computer with a built-in Bluetooth feature

It may not work if you are using an old laptop or computer. This is because computers and laptops today do not require a USB or Nano receiver. Instead, your computer’s or laptop’s internal receiver receives the wireless mouse signals directly. It is the most crucial step.

Turn your computer or laptop on and go to settings

An electronic device’s settings app contains most of the information you need. It definitely wouldn’t make sense to skip this step since you have to connect a wireless mouse with your laptop. Therefore, selected devices will be displayed in the setting app.

Bluetooth and other devices

Clicking these devices will redirect you to another page to choose Bluetooth or other devices and get directions. You would click on Bluetooth and the (+) sign that appears below since Bluetooth is the topic of your attention.


A box with various options will appear on your screen, but you must select Bluetooth from the list. Make sure that the mouse is turned on at this point. Once the windows have searched, the mouse will be detected as long as it’s on. For your mouse to be detectable, review the manual or contact the manufacturer to avoid being caught on the way.

The set-up of the mouse varies by manufacturer, as does the connection. To be efficient, we need adequate information. Now that your wireless Bluetooth mouse is complete, you can start your activities. Let’s take a ride into the features of the wireless Bluetooth mouse now that you know how to connect it without a Nano receiver.

Features of a wireless Bluetooth mouse

Mice requiring a Nano receiver have some advantages over this mouse. The list includes;

Batteries are required

Battery costs should be included in your budget. As long as it saves power, this shouldn’t be an issue. Batteries are what you spend on what you saved on electricity. However, I am not a terrible financial advisor.

Stay close to it

Wireless connections are made using Bluetooth, and the weaker the signal gets, the farther away you go. So you might need to pair again if the connection is interrupted. As much as possible, stay close to your loved one to avoid inconveniences.

Safe and Reliable

You can’t lose it, as long as you don’t lose your mouse. Since your computer won’t deactivate until you lose your mouse, this means that you cannot remove the Bluetooth feature. Nano receivers are susceptible to theft and misplacing, but Bluetooth is dependable unless your computer crashes. Thus, there’s no damage risk to the built-in feature, and it is highly secure.


Mouse models can support multiple paired devices. It eliminates the need to buy multiple mice for your laptops and computers. It’ll be more convenient if you choose one that supports multiple devices. As well as saving on costs, it eliminates the need to buy a mouse for every piece of hardware.


It is essential to find out which wireless mouse is compatible with your device before purchasing. First, get more information about the types of mice your supplier has in stock by talking with them. Then, use your understanding to weigh the information that you gather from a few suppliers.

Consider a mouse with an external receiver that is small enough to be permanently attached to your laptop’s port to prevent instances such as misplacing or breaking it. If you don’t want to deal with a weaker electronic device, connecting a mouse to your computer is as simple as pairing two mobile phones.

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