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What Is The Best Operating System For Gaming?

Among the best gaming operating systems is Windows, not only because it provides an ever-growing selection of games, but it also delivers better performance when playing those games than Linux or macOS.

PC gaming is known for its variety.

The user also can decide which operating system to use along with the many different types of hardware components available. Nowadays, users can choose from three options: Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Every one of these serves a different audience and has different advantages and disadvantages. However, we will set those aside and look at a specific question: which of these three operating systems is the best for gaming?

As part of this guide, we will take a close look at each gaming OS and provide all pros and cons associated with each one.

People decide on the best operating system for their bespoke needs after purchasing a new gaming PC. Most people tend to get Windows and then forget about it. People need to know that there are additional options available.

Gaming operating systems have exploded in popularity in the modern age of PC gaming. There are many options available other than Windows that may provide you with a tailored overall experience.

Now, look at some of the top gaming operating systems on the market of today. As part of our discussion, we’ll explore why one might be better for you, finishing by identifying which suits your needs the best.

What is an operating system?

What Is The Best Operating System For Gaming

Your operating system is the software component that performs all the essential functions on your computer – in essence, and it’s the beating heart of your PC or laptop. As well as managing your computer’s hardware and software resources, the operating system provides common services for programs. All you have without an operating system is a heap of components that don’t do much except beat away individuals who don’t socially separate themselves.

Computer operating systems are fundamental to your computer, as they allow all its programs, including games, to run. Aside from managing PC hardware resources, utilizing peripherals, and scheduling tasks, it can also manage peripheral devices.

The first CP/M-based operating system to be available was MS-DOS when computers first came into existence. Today, operating systems have evolved into totally different beasts over the past 40 years. Today, users can customize, manipulate, and have almost unlimited functionality at their fingertips. Furthermore, developers strive to make operating systems more user-friendly by continuously improving them.

Which is the best operating system for gaming?

With a new decade ahead, gamers and general PC/laptop users have more options than ever. If you’re only familiar with Windows, below, we’ll examine the most popular software options currently available.


Let’s get started with Windows. Windows is an operating system that’s probably familiar to anyone who uses a computer. With an extremely intuitive interface, virtually anyone can use it. As a result, it’s by far the most popular operating system.

With iterations as varied as Windows 1.0 (in the early 1990s) to Win ten today. In the current version, several features cannot be found in other operating systems.

It’s easier to use custom applications and games on Windows than on any other operating system. Additionally, it offers more game support than the other two operating systems combined, and it runs them more efficiently as well – with higher FPS results found pretty much everywhere.


The second major OS for personal computers and laptops is Linux, the least popular. Generally, Linux is not the first operating system that comes to mind when thinking about gaming. While Linux does not offer many games compatible with several platforms, it does offer support for several titles.

Linux has an extremely complex learning curve, so if you plan on getting into it, you’ll need to invest the time to learn all that it offers. But, on the other hand, you can run games on Linux if you’re tech-savvy and enjoy other Linux functions – even if you’re not as efficient.


Another extremely popular operating system is Apple’s Mac, which is pre-installed on all Apple products. In addition, OS Catalina has been updated to Mojave in the most recent Mac OS versions.

Mac OS enthusiasts often swear by it, claiming that it has far and away from the most features of any operating system. Some people find this statement to be true. Other operating systems cannot compete with its stunning visuals, and its antivirus protection is top-notch.

Even though most people purchase Mac computers for work or productivity, they support a wide variety of games from various platforms. It is 100% possible to play games on a Mac computer. Even so, it is not without its limitations – which we will discuss shortly.

macOS is a perfectly reasonable option for gamers, but they aren’t the most powerful for hardcore gaming. As a result, Mac laptops are not as customizable and upgradeable as Windows PCs. Instead, buyers of Macs are locked into a non-upgradeable laptop. You can’t compete against the performance of a desktop PC unless you get the most powerful model in the lineup – it’s as simple as that.

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How each OS performs when it comes to gaming


Generally, Windows and Linux perform equally well in games, with some minor differences in framerate depending on the game. Additionally, while different distributions of Linux can have drastically different frame rates, Windows maintains consistent framerates for every supported version.

In this regard, it isn’t easy to pinpoint the best-performing Linux distribution, but SteamOS and Ubuntu appear to be leading the pack. Windows is, however, typically more reliable and consistent, with better performance.

Of the three operating systems, macOS certainly performs the worst. Rather, it’s the limitations of the hardware rather than the operating system.

In addition to being compact and non-customizable, Apple’s computers lack space for powerful GPUs and user customization. A Mac can only be made fast with a GPU external, which comes with a large price tag on top of Apple’s already high price tags.

Game selection

Most PC games today are launched for Windows, as it is the most popular operating system. So most of the time, when someone mentions “PC games,” they are talking about “Windows games.”

On Linux and macOS, there are fewer games available. Certainly, Linux support has increased steadily over the past few years – if we go by Steam, there are over 4000 games available for Linux at the moment. Although there are over 20.000 Windows games available, you should keep this in mind. Steam currently supports around 7000 games for Mac.


Increasingly, customers are turning to online game stores over retail DVD and Blu-ray discs. Moreover, hardware manufacturers are no longer including optical drives in pre-made computers and laptops, which contributes to the decline of the disc.

Valve’s Steam has the best market share, and many third-party stores only offer games that operate via Steam. These three operating systems are all supported by Valve; see above for more information.


Our guide is intended to clarify an area that is otherwise considered confusing. However, when it comes down to it, Windows is the most suitable operating system for gamers. Thanks to the components you can use to build your desktop PC, it offers better performance and more support for a wider range of games.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this topic below, so don’t hesitate to leave one. Moreover, you can now connect with other PC enthusiasts in our Community Hub.

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