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What Is The Most Common Pointing Device On Laptops?

Using a pointing device, you can move the cursor on the screen and select items, and by clicking, you can also perform multiple actions. Using GUIs (graphic user interfaces) and CAD systems makes it possible to use the pointing device however desired. As points are input devices, they don’t receive data from the host computer but rather send it to the laptop.

The most commonly used and well-known device is the mouse. It gets its name from the invention’s quick speed and sound when pressed. Whether you know what a GUI is or not, a graphical user interface is how you interact with the device.

So any device that takes input from you delivers it to your computer through the GUI. Laptops and computers come with a variety of pointing devices. Here are some of the most common options as well as the most commonly used equipment.

What is the common pointing device on laptops?

In addition to the pointing mentioned above devices, there are many others to choose from, including:

  1. Trackball
  2. Mouse
  3. TouchPad or TrackPad
  4. Trackpoint
  5. Stylus
  6. Graphics tablet
  7. Joystick
  8. Touchscreen
  9. Eye-tracking device
  10. Light Pen
  11. Web Camera

They perform the required functions fairly well, but the selection of pointing devices depends on your needs. For example, while some users favor a mouse as the best option, others prefer trackballs and trackpads for pointing purposes.

1) Mouse

Most people use a computer mouse to point the cursor on a screen. And it is the most common pointing device on laptops and computers. A computer mouse is a relatively small device you hold and move around with your hand to point on the screen. Right-click and left-click are the two buttons on the mouse, and between them is a wheel. The laser has replaced the rolling ball that used to be present.

If you prefer, it is an option to use a wired computer mouse or a wireless computer mouse. If you plan to use your computer mouse actively, place it on a mousepad. The computer mouse is portable, and you move it around the screen to move the cursor. When you hold the cursor on an item, you can right-click or click the left button for a drop-down menu, click the desired option move it.

Types of Mouse

Some computer mice are unconventional. Several of the mouses below are well known. Here’s what we found.

Camera Mouse

The pointing device is impressive. Using your head, you can control the cursor by moving it in front of the webcam. People with disabilities can benefit from it.

Finger Mouse

You slip it on your finger as it is a different kind of mouse. There is not much space required for this because it is a small device. The thumb and index finger are strapped around it, and the index finger operates the button. So no matter what surface you use it on, you can use it.

Foot Mouse

It is a mouse that can be used and controlled with your feet, as its name implies. Like a computer mouse, it functions similarly. Usually, it is used by people who have mobility issues or limitations of upper body movement.

MOUSE Connectivity Ports

The computer mouse has improved. In addition to connecting via wire, the computer mouse can now be connected via various other options to your laptop. Here is a comparison

  • Bluetooth
  • Infrared
  • PS/2 Port
  • Serial Port
  • USB

2) Touching the Screen With A Fingertip

Since most new devices have touch screens, this is no longer a new concept. Multi-touch gestures can control the cursor using a stylus or finger.

3) Light Pen (PEN)

This is a photosensitive pen with a paired screen that can pass information to your laptop when you hold the pen.


With its touchscreen pad, it resembles a pen. A pen is used to move the cursor on the monitor when you use the pad.

5) Track Ball

Sensors detect the ball’s rotation by fitting it into a socket consisting of a ball and a socket. A mouse with a stick out of the top looks like this. To move a cursor, you roll a ball between your thumb and finger.

6) Track Point

This little tab can be found at the bottom of your keyboard. As with any pointing device, it functions similarly. Like a mouse, the pointer moves in response to the movements of the cursor. In other words, it moves the cursor.

7) Touch Pad

An integrated tactile sensor enables it to function as a pointing device. With its specialized surface, you can move the cursor with your finger, transmitted to the monitor.

8) JOY Stick

This device can be used to control cursors in games and assistive technology. Due to its resemblance to a joystick, it has this name. Essentially, it is a handheld lever with a rotating end that sends messages to a laptop.

9) Leap Motion

The computer mouse of the future. You can directly enter virtual and augmented reality using its software and hardware. Modern and futuristic, it is a modern approach.

10) Keyborard

If you change the settings of your laptop, you can also use it as a mouse. A pointing device can be used as well.

11) Graphics Tablet

If you use one of the Adobe Bundle software packages like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, this is for you. Unfortunately, it’s not for graphic designers or digital painters.
With a graphics tablet, you can use a stylus pen to draw lines with different thicknesses.

You may also use the graphics tablet to point the mouse cursor during dialog boxes, so no need to switch between the graphics tablet and mouse each time.

FAQ’s for the common pointing device on laptops

A Pointing Device is the Common Device Used?

The PC mouse is the most popular pointing device for PCs. PCs usually have a touchpad for pointing. The most common pointing gadgets on mobile phones and tablets are your fingers on touch screens.

How Does a Pointing Device Work?

Most street heroes bring along a mouse, but the PC and the touchpad are the major pointing devices. Most clients prefer trackballs over mice, although there are points sticks available on some workstations. Thus, there are four types of pointing devices: mouse, touchpad, trackball, and pointing stick.

What is a Light Pen?

A light Pen (similar to a pen) is an object that can select items on your screen or draw images there.

Trackball is a Pointing Device?

Trackballs are pointing gadgets consisting of a ball attached to an attachment with sensors that recognize pivoting of the ball around two tomahawks – like a topsy-turvy mouse with an exposed ball.

In a Laptop, What is the Default Pointing Device?

The mouse is the most well-known form of pointing input device for desktop PCs. In a PC, the touchpad is usually used. The most basic pointing device on a cell phone or tablet is the touchpad.

What is a Computer Pointing Device?

By moving a cursor over a screen, a pointing gadget enables a client to choose symbols and trigger desired actions by interacting with a PC. Mouses, introduced in 1967 by Douglas England, are the true pointing gadgets for computers.


Quizlet is no longer available as the most popular and common pointing device available on laptops for cursor control! When choosing from so many options, it is advisable to choose the one with the most ease and comfort when using it for long periods.

Technological advances have led to a wide range of new laptop devices being produced. You can increase your overall work efficiency & productivity by using any pointing device. We will keep you updated on any changes by leaving a comment below. Tell your family and friends about it.

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